Vessel of Vinktar

READ MOREVessel of Vinktar is a unique Topaz Flask with five attainable variants.


(80-100)% increased Charges used

Shocks nearby Enemies during Flask effect, causing 10% increased Damage taken

You are Shocked during Flask effect, causing 50% increased Damage taken

20% of Lightning Damage Leeched as Life during Flask effect

(One of the five modifiers)Adds (25-35) to (110-130) Lightning Damage to Attacks during Flask effectAdds (15-25) to (70-90) Lightning Damage to Spells during Flask effectDamage Penetrates 10% Lightning Resistance during Flask effect20% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning during Flask effect

The great city of storms, washed away by Vinktar's thirst for power.

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Popular Builds

Auto-Cloaked in Savagery Voltaxic Marauder

GGprime's Savage: Turn YOUR 2h build into an endgame cleaner

Poisonquake Juggernaut

Vigilant Juggernaut with Hyaon's Fury + Elemental Overload

3.14 - Raider Kinetic Blast/Power Siphon League Starter and Beginner Friendly. Very Flex Build

[3.15]g00fy_goober's Ultimate EleBuzzsaw Raider (Easily Clear All Content) *REVAMPED*

[3.0] Life MoM Dual Wield Crit Freezing Pulse by Paige

[3.2] Elementalist InpulsaBomber

[3.0] Legasi's Masterpiece - Shaper/Boss guides/HC

[3.0] Yalani's Low Life Righteous Fire Build - +Eva/Armour - T15/Uber

[3.2] Firefly (v.4) - Burning Herald of Thunder bomber

[3.2] Teleports Behind You -- Poet's Pen Lightning Warp / Arc Elementalist

[3.2] CI Wandcultist - Guardians/Shaper

[3.2] 10 Curse Wildstrike WormCurser

[3.1] Bashtart's ELE POISON GLADIATOR<>Volkuur's Molten Strike<>

[3.0] FoxTactic's MoM shocker. Mind of the council Arcer

[3.1] CwC Tendrils/Glacial Cascade by Paige - T15+

[3.2] Bashtart's Freezing Spark Inquisitor

[3.0] The Gatling Storm Burster - MOM Crit Life

[3.0] [Melee] Life Based Wildstrike Inquisitor - 100% Conversion

[3.2] Bloodrocuter [CoC Electric Cyclon Assassin]

[3.4] Pure Uniques Molten Strike HOWA