Abberath's Hooves

READ MOREAbberath's Hooves is a pair of unique Goathide Boots.


Triggers Level 7 Abberath's Fury when Equipped

+(20-30) to Strength

15% increased Movement Speed

(6-10)% chance to Ignite

When you Kill an Ignited Enemy, inflict an equivalent Ignite on each nearby Enemy

1% increased Fire Damage per 20 Strength

Burning Hoofprints

The goat king knew not of war,of the lands and laws he trampled.The goat king knew only joyat turning life into ash.

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Popular Builds

[3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.

[3.1] Mjölner Elementalist - Mapping build

[3.2] Firefly (v.4) - Burning Herald of Thunder bomber

[3.4] [3.4] Cast on Crawler